Hidden Beauty of 7 Waterfalls

North Western side of Sri Pada Nature Reservation ends in Daraniyagala Maliboda side. In this area there is a hike called “Eli Hatha/07 Falls” which is not very popular among normal travellers. “Eli Hatha” (7 waterfalls) is one of the most uniquely scenic and prominent waterfalls in the country. It falls as a series of 7 waterfalls and is located in ‘Naya’ River which originates in the Adams Peak. Even though this is not very popular amount travellers, this exciting adventure will take you out of busy schedule to calm and cool virgin green forest with pure water streams.

The closest city to 07 Falls is Uda Maliboda. We can find public transport from Daraniyagala to Uda Maliboda. Then, we have to arrange our own transport up to the reservation.

Hiking 07 Falls is completely a two days hike. Hence, we need to bring all necessities. Not only food and camping items, things to get protected from wild animals and snakes are must for this journey. Uda Maliboda is not a very big town. So, it is wise to get all the things from Daraniyagala or before that. Don’t get overloaded. Get only must take things. In this journey we don’t need to bother to take water. Water coming from these streams are very pure and clean. We can even drink them.

Actually, this is not a fun trip. Hiking inside the thickest part of the jungle for two days is a very serious and dangerous one. After first three waterfalls there is no proper route. We have to make the route and go. Although there is a small path up to the third waterfall those routes get disappeared soon due to rapid plant growth. It is advisable to get a help from a local who is well aware about this area.

Though we came here in a rainy season we could see that the water level of first three waterfalls are very low. The reason for that is, water of these waterfalls is diverted to a mini hydro power plant. Therefore, to feel the real beauty of these waterfalls we must go to the fourth one.

It took only around ½ an hour for us to reach to the third fall. But, it takes around 02 hours to reach to the fourth fall from the third one. Meanwhile, the route is very dangerous and slippery.

After watching fourth and fifth waterfalls we can go to the sixth one along with the water stream. It takes around 06 hours to go to the sixth waterfall from the starting point. Most probably by this time it starts getting darker. So, we can camp near the sixth fall. If you have time you can go to the seventh waterfall and stay there. But, due to the thickest mist prevailing in this area it is good to stay overnight near the sixth fall and go the seventh one in the next day morning.

Select a place with a little slope near the waterfall to set your tent. As per the villagers, elephants come to flat areas at night. Keep in mind not to choose a place very closer to the waterfall due to sudden rise of water in these falls.

Here it comes the best part of the journey. Our final destination, the 07th fall is the most amazing and fantastic waterfall here. This waterfall is very rich in water and so enchanting. We can forget all our tiredness and hardness as soon as we see this. The natural beauty of this waterfall is absolutely breath taking. Actually, there are no words to describe this in words. It is seriously worth watching. Villagers says that Naya Ganga starts 05kms away from this waterfall. We decided not to go there due to heavy mist.

We climbed up along the water stream. There is no chance to miss any of these waterfalls when we select that way. When coming back rather than using the same way we can come down through the forest. There we can see lots of giant trees. It takes around 03-04 hours to come back.

According to folklore pre-preparation is required since this is situated in a sacred land. Thus, better to be vegetarian and avoid alcohol.

The other thing is there is no telecommunication facilities inside the forest. As we enter to the forest there is no way for others to know about us until we come back. Give all the details about your journey to your family members and friends before going.

We believe the amazing beauty of these waterfalls are well protected since these are hidden in the deep of the forest. If you go to visit these places our humble request is not to pollute this natural beauty.

This is definitely a worth to climb journey. Plan ahead, think twice and then start the journey.

Happy & Safe Travelling…

Let's get prepaired

  • Camping items
  • Cold protections
  • Food (Better to take processed/ instant food)
  • Always wear shoes and long thick trousers
  • Leech protection
  • Box of matches
  • First aid

07 waterfalls in Maliboda
07 waterfalls in Maliboda

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