This is world's one and only "Demodara Loop" at Demodara Railway Station.

Demodara Railway Station is the most notable railway station in the country due to the spiral line at this location. It’s mostly popular by the name “Demodara Loop”. Because of the geographic situation of the nearby mountains, the railroad is designed to take a loop around the mountain and then go underneath the railway station. Demodara Loop is considered as the one and only such construction in the world that proves engineering marvels of colonial era.

This glorious and picturesque small railway station is situated between Ella Railway Station and Uduwara Railway Station. This train journey is rated as one of the most scenic train rides in the world.

It’s worth to go there at the time of train pass the station. That’s awesome.

Demodara Railway Station
Tunnel at Demodara
Drone view of Demodara Loop
Demoadara Railroad
Drone View of Demodara Loop
Drone view of Railroad
Drone View of Demodara Railway
Demodara Railway


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