Perfect Place for a Day Out : Kahanavita Ella

Kahanawita Ella also called as Ballamula Ella is a very famous waterfall in Kegalle district. Daraniyagala area in Kegalle district is blessed with so many waterfalls and Kahanawita Ella is very popular one among them. This waterfall is situated before Daraniyagala and just after Dehiowita. If you come from Colombo side you need to come to Awissawella, then to Dhiowita and turn to Daraniyagala side from there.

When you come along in the Deraniyagala road you can find the pathway to the waterfall with a little bend on the road. Along in this pathway you can go to the waterfall and there you can find the deep pool. This place is also called as “Maha Wala” by the residents. This is the place where Kahanavita ella falls. The beauty and the calmness of the place is breathtaking and this is a must visit place if you come to Kahanavita Ella. So as the beauty, so is the danger. So many deaths have been reported due to sudden rise of water in the waterfall. Daraniyagala area gets the highest rainfall in Sri Lanka and that is the main reason for sudden water rises in the fall without giving enough time for people to evacuate. Hence, many people avoid bathing in this place. If go to this place you need to be extra careful.

When you walk little up on the road you can enter to the popular bathing place. This place is not very deep and specially if you come with your kids this is the best place to get into water.

Although the place is crowded in the weekends you can freely spend the day in weekdays.

Kahanavita Ella


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