Strengthen Your Nails

When talking about women’s beauty we cannot forget about their nails. Nowadays, women are doing so many styles to their nails. Nail polish, nail arts, nail cutting styles are some of those latest styles. Without having strong nails none of these styles can be done nicely. So, it is essential to have strong nails. Now you don’t want to worry anymore about not having strong nails. Here are some tips for you to maintain strong nails.

  • Lemon Juice & Olive Oil Treatment

Make a mixture of Lemon juice and Olive oil, to fortify your nails: few drops of the juice and about a tablespoon of the olive oil. Then do rub the mixture right onto/into your fingernails.It is ideal wear cotton gloves after applying this. Ideally you should do this at night, because then you can leave the gloves on while you sleep. If you do this two times a week, your nails will soon be much stronger.

  • Cayenne for Nails

This mixture is really potent, so be careful. Take about ten drops of cool water, a teaspoon of cream, and half a teaspoon of cayenne. This mixture gets smeared onto and rubbed into your finger nails and stays there for about 15 or 20 minutes. It’s safe to use gloves for this one too, just because of the ingredients. Whatever you decide to do, don’t rub your eyes. And this is a method you should only use about once a month.

  • Lemon Juice & Salt Mixture

Mix salt with a tablespoon of lemon juice and apply the mixture to your nails by using a brush and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. You can try this technique several times a week – (2-3 times)

  • Sea Salt Treatment

Sea salt has great fortifying properties. This method actually involves making a sea salt based bath for your nails. A bowl full of warm water and a tablespoon of sea salt will do the trick. Then, all you have to do is submerge your fingers for 20 minutes or so. After your time is up, dry off your hands and use a fortifying cream. It is actually recommended that you do this for ten days, then wait a month, and repeat.

  • Beeswax Treatment

If you can find beeswax, then you can try this treatment. Melt down a few grams’ worth of the wax, and mix it up with the yolk of a boiled egg. If you like, you can add in a little bit of peach oil. The mixture goes right onto your fingernails, and you can do it every day – or at least until the yolk runs out, because this one is a bit time consuming.

  • H20 Nourishing

Drinking plenty of water is a great way to strengthen your nails. In fact, if your nails are brittle, dull, and weak, it might actually be a sign that you aren’t getting hydrated enough. You need to drink at least 2 liters of water every day, and not only will you notice an improvement with your nails, your hair and skin will improve as well.

  • Vitamin D & Calcium Supplements

Don’t forget the importance of vitamins. Specifically, vitamin D is necessary to keep your nails strong and healthy. You also need plenty of calcium, which will further fortify your fingernails. You can take a daily multivitamin to get the amounts you need, but you can also drink plenty of milk and eat yogurt.


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