Home Remedies for Warts

Warts are very common among many. Warts emerge as tiny dots but they keep growing as time passes. Although many warts are not harmful, when they emerge on our skin it becomes more unpleasant and will be a beauty problem. How do we actually get these warts? Warts are caused by a virus called Human papilloma Virus (HPV). There are more than 100 varieties of this virus and some warts are contagious. You can get the virus through skin to skin contact and may spread to the other parts of the body by scratching, touching or shaving.

Before attempting to get rid of your little bump, make sure that those are actually warts. There can be some bumps on your skin, looks like warts to you, but they can actually be cancerous. If you notice any abnormal bumps or if you have any doubts immediately go for medications.

There are many home remedies for this problem and some may work on some people. Most of the warts go away by its own. But it takes longer time, sometimes weeks, months or years. Whatever the things done warts may recur.

Don’t touch

As mentioned earlier, warts are caused by a virus. this virus can transfer from you to others and to other parts of your body if you constantly touch them. Don’t touch or scratch your warts. In any case if you touch your warts a lot or break a wart, immediately wash your hands with soap and hot water. Don’t let this virus spread.

Apple cider vinegar

Mix two tea spoons of apple cider vinegar with water. Soak a cotton button in it and place it on the wart. Leave it on for 03-04 hours.

Baking powder & castor oil paste

Mix baking powder with castor oil until it becomes a paste. Apply it on your warts at night and cover them with a bandage. Remove the bandage in the next day morning. Repeat this until warts disappear.

Use baking soda

Dissolve baking soda in water. Soak the area with warts in this. Let the area dry up naturally without wiping. Repeat as necessary.


Rub a freshly cut juicy potato on your wart for few minutes. Repeat this twice a day until your wart falls off.

Rub freshly crushed garlic or onion

Apply crushed garlic or onion on your warts until you get rid of them. You can also rub cloves on your wart.

Eat healthy food

Since warts are caused by a virus, eat food that can boost your immune system like sweet potatoes, garlic, rice, sunflower seeds, broccoli, red meat, oranges, onion etc.

Vitamin C

Crush a vitamin C tablet and mix it with some water until it becomes like a thick paste. Apply this on your wart and cover. Leave overnight. This needs to be repeated daily.

Vitamin E

Cut a Vitamin E capsule and apply oil on your wart. Cover it with a bandage and leave overnight. Repeat daily for 02-03 weeks.

Castor oil

Apply castor oil on your warts by using a cotton bud twice a day. This may take around 02-03 weeks for your wart to go away.

Use lemon juice

Apply lemon juice on the wart and cover it with chopped onions for 30minutes. Repeat this once a day until you get rid of your warts.

Apply aloe vera

Soak a cotton bud in aloe vera flesh and rub the cotton swab on the warts. Repeat daily until wart is gone.


Pineapple is also considered as a successful home remedy in removing warts. This can be used in many ways. Soak your warts on pineapple juice every day. Or apply fresh pineapple every day on your warts. People who have lots of warts can try drinking pineapple juice for several days.

Banana peel

If you are suffering with warts don’t throw away banana peels. This can do a magic for you. What you have to do is apply banana peel on your warts until you see them no more.

If those home remedies don’t work you can go for a Dermatologist. Doctors may do many things like,

  • Zap warts with a laser
  • Burn or freeze them
  • Give some medications to boost your immune system

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