Top 05 Body Moisturizing Tips for Men

Keeping your body moisturized is a very vital thing for both men and women. Not only to make your skin attractive, a well moisturized body is a sign of good health. There is no doubt that women do so many things to take care of their skin. But, do men really concern about their skin? Harsh weather conditions, lack of skin care and some of your bad habits make our skin look dry. Naturally, men’s skin is harsh and hard than women.

Lack of moisture

Most of men don’t use moisturizer and those who once used them don’t continue. They use them some time and give it up. Making a moisturizer effective or not is in our hand. The very first step is to select a moisturizer that matches to your skin. Check the ingredients of the moisturizer and your skin type before purchasing.

Second step is to use that moisturizer in an effective way. To get good results you need to use the moisturizer at least 03-04 times a day. Every time after you wash your hands and after a full body wash you need to apply moisturizer. After having a bath, you need to towel dry your whole body before applying moisturizer.

Give your hot water heater a break

Longer baths are another reason for a dry skin. 15min bath is the very effective way to keep your skin healthy. Hot water makes this worst. So, try to avoid hot water and bath in normal water as much as possible.

Stop using rough items to clean your body. Instead use a soft loofah once a week or twice a week. Other thing is our soap. Most of those soaps make our skin drier. If you are not highly sweated avoid using soaps. Clean your under arms and genital areas every day and limit using soaps to other parts of the body to 02-03 times per week. Try to use a shower gel or a shower cream instead of soap.

Cover up right

We hardly see men using an umbrella or any other thing to cover up their body. Always think when and how to cover up your body. If you are going under sun minimize the areas that are exposed to sun. If it is difficult to carry and umbrella don’t forget to use at least a hat. Always select a skin friendly attire.

Give your face a shave that saves

Knowing the correct shaving technique is another way to protect your skin. Shaving while bathing or soon after a bath will help to reduce drying up your skin. If you use a blade don’t forget to change the blade time to time because, after 04-05 shaves blades get dull. Here are few shaving tips to avoid a dry skin.

  • Apply a pre-shave oil before shaving. This helps to move the blade very easily on your face.
  • Use a brush to apply shaving cream.
  • Apply shaving cream at least 30-45 seconds before shaving.
  • Apply an after shave lotion or a moisturizer after shaving.

Make your lips kissable

It needs extra care and protection to keep our lips moisture. If you live in a cold weather your lips may get dried up soon and it will give painful cracks. Most men lick their lips to get a relief from this situation. Instead of licking you can use a lip balm to keep your lips moisture.

Other than all the above things the best natural way to keep your skin/body moisturized is to drink right amount of water. While drinking right amount of water you can use the above tips too.


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