Most Common Foundation Mistakes

Have you ever made any of these foundation mistakes? Check out the list below to make sure you aren’t committing any of these mistakes when applying your foundation, again.

  • Don’t use powder foundation: Powder foundation dries out your skin, plus sometimes it looks cracked. It also takes a lot of effort to get the smooth, right look and it may not last as long as you want. Also, don’t forget sometimes powder foundation settles into the creases and gives the appearance of deep wrinkles. Opt for liquid foundation instead. If you use liquid foundation instead, your look will not only last longer, but your skin will look smooth and flawless!
  • Stop testing on your wrist: Check your foundation on three areas of your face, not on the inside of your wrist. You can test the shade of your foundation underneath your eyes, around your nose (or on it) and along your jaw line. This way will be more positive that you’ve got the right shade.
  • Don’t use your finger or a sponge- Use a foundation brush: When using a foundation brush, you can use less foundation, plus, they’re less messy than using a sponge or your fingers.
  • Don’t apply foundation all over your face: You don’t need to use it all over your face. Foundation is only really meant for the areas of your face that need a bit touching up, like redness. You’re wasting a lot of foundation and money, if you cover your whole face with foundation when it isn’t needed.
  • Don’t set your foundation with a tinted powder of any kind: If you use tinted powder after your foundation, your foundation may get cracked. It’s hard to fix and doesn’t look very attractive.


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