Change the way your hands look like…

All ladies love to apply nail polish. When selecting a nail polish we naturally attract to our favorite color. Picking up your favorite color can be very fun. But, with many colors and styles available in the market selecting the best match for you is bit difficult. Luckily, there are ways to narrow it down. Selecting the right nail polish color tells many things about your personality.

Skin Color

Skin color is the main thing you have to consider when selecting a nail polish. If you have a fair skin, try selecting a soft pinkish color and lighter shades. Remember to stay away from dark colors except red. For medium color skin, you can go for beige nudes or nudes with pinkish undertone. This is a good news for pink color lovers.

Pink goes with any skin color. Soft pink goes with fair skin, peachy shades of pink look great on medium skin and very bright and vibrant pinks are great for darker skin.

Blue is also an universal color. Navy blues are good for fair skin, sky blues are for medium skin and blues with vibrant shades are for darker skin.

Most of the times darker skins are blessed because they can go with almost any color. So, the darker your skin, the more choices you have. It is sometimes shocking to hear that very dark tones look best on dark skin.

Based on the Occasion

Where you are wearing the nail polish is extremely important to think about. Neutral colors go with any occasion and these are very safe colors. Hence, neutral colors are good for day today occasions, jobs and job interviews. You can select bright and dark colors like red for holiday or fun occasions.

Your Outfit & Make up

It doesn’t always have to match your nail polish color with your outfit and make up. Matchy- matchy may sometimes look weird. But, when your lipstick and nail polish have a closer look you can draw a good attention. That feels awesome.

Latest Trends

This is also a very important consideration to show that you are keen on fashion trends. Check out what is currently trending and try out them. Keep in mind, don’t do things just because these things are amazing, do them only if you are comfortable with that.

Favorite Color

Whatever things you consider, selecting a nail polish is a trial and error process. Hence, when the above factors tell you that your favorite color doesn’t match you, but you want to wear it anyway, you don’t care about any of these. So, just try your favorite color with different outfits and occasions and see how it really works for you.

Things to avoid

If you are very fair don’t go for something too dark. If you have very square nails, avoid anything too light.

Selecting the best nail polish color is not a hard thing. Just do some trials initially. Then, you’ll easily learn how to select the best one quickly. Just enjoy every minute of it and learn how to make your nails pretty.


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