7 Secrets to Healthy Hair

Your hair plays a vital role in your beauty. When it comes to a healthy hair, many things matters. To get thick, strong and healthy hair you have to take care of your hair very well.

  • Trim your split ends

The most important secret to have a healthy hair is getting monthly trims to get rid of the dead ends, not only help your hair grow in length, but it definitely provides a sleeker, healthier look to your strands.

  • Maintain correct temperature

Use the right temperature, correct amount of heat and use heat protection products while doing: blow drying, hair straighteners, curling irons, etc. Otherwise, it will damage your hair, make hair dry and frizzy and also create split ends.

  • Use leave in conditioner

Not only it will leave your strands shiny and healthy, but it moisturizes and restores those vitamins and nutrients that are taken away from curling and straightening your hair.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

Use the shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type and its nature and apply it with a gentle scalp massage when you’re in the shower. End results will be: shiny and healthy look hair.

  • Temperature at the shower

Keep the right temperature, when you’re washing up your hair, stick to warm or room temperature water when possible, and rinse out conditioner with cool water.

  • Limit of using ease up on elastics

Limit the use of the ease up on those elastic hair ties (dreadful accessories) and opt in for bobby pins, or headbands. Otherwise, it will cause to breakage of your hair.

  • Use Olive oil

Use olive oil on your hair and leave it in overnight. It will do great things for your hair, like moisturize and rehydrate.

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