09 Ways to have Beautiful Nails

Are you worrying about your nails? Are they looking dull, brittle or untidy? It’s time to take care of it, because beautiful nails are an essential part of a neat well-groomed appearance. Here are 09 Tips for you to have nice nails.

  • Maintain a Good Nourishing

Nourishing and healthy diet is vital for anything. But when nutrients are lacking it reflects from your body. It will show up even in nails, as it does in hair and skin. For beautiful nails, your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables which supply fatty acids. Almonds are excellent food for beautiful nails. Not only food you have to make sure to drink plenty of water. Or if you feel that you are not getting enough nutrients, take daily vitamin supplements. Vitamin B, Iron and Calcium are other important elements for healthy nails. Get plenty of vitamin E, which is essential for beautiful nails and healthy skin. Find a high-quality vitamin E supplement from a health food store.

  • Chewed Nails are not Attractive

If you have an awful habit of nail biting, it’s useless, how healthy your diet is and how fast and strong your nails grow. Nail biting leaves nails messy and rough as well as brittle and frail causing them to break easily.

  • Prevent Damage

While washing dishes, doing gardening or housework, wear rubber gloves to protect your beautiful nails. Otherwise harsh cleaners and detergents can dry out the skin and nails, resulting in rough skin and weaker nails.

  • Make Your Nails Strengthen

Mix ½ table spoon of sea salt into 01 liter of water and soak your nails daily for 20 minutes. This will strengthen your nails if repeated once a day until you get results.

  • Prevent Infections

Humidity can cause fungus infections which will damage your beautiful nails. Always dry your hands thoroughly after washing dishes. Keep your feet as dry as possible by drying your toes thoroughly after swimming or showering. When selecting socks make sure they are breathable, cotton is the best material.

  • Trim Your Nails Often

Always use sharp manicures scissors and nail clippers and trim nails and straight across with smooth nail edges. Remove the dead skin near the cuticles, and any dirt beneath the nails.

  • Moisturizing Your Cuticles

Rub your cuticle and the surrounding skin with a good moisturize cream every evening before you go to bed

  • Polish Your Nails

Nail polish is a protective coating for your nails to prevent damage. Always apply base coat under the color. When color is not suitable, or if you don’t like it, use a clear polish.

  • Use Proper and Quality Nail Polish Remover

Always use non-acetone nail polish remover than contains oils, since acetone cause your nails to dry.

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