Dark Truth of Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a very popular entertainment app among teenagers. These days it’s very hard to find a teenager without a Tik Tok account. Tik Tok is the hightest downloaded app in 2019. With this you can imagine how popular the app is.

Tik Tok is an entertainment app that facilitates users to create mini clips according to the sound tracks and upload. Popularity of the videos depends on the number of likes and views it gets. Despite the app is very popular there are many disadvantages associated with this.

Highly addictive

Tik Tok is a highly addictive app and people who started using the app spend lots of time with the app. If the user is a student he may miss lots of his school works because of this. So, this is considered as a timewasting app.

Damage the personality of a person

As mentioned earlier the target market of this app is teenagers who are in between 14-24 years of age. They don’t have many experiences about the society. They sometimes tend to post highly personal things on public via this app. This may lead to unnecessary problems and it will do a big damage to the personality of that user.

Post things not accepted by the society

With the purpose of getting more likes and views people tend to post things which are not accepted by the society. Eg. Sexual activities, high risk activities, nude photos & etc.

Data Privacy

When you install this app the mother company can access almost anything in your phone. (Eg. Calls, messages, gallery, location & etc) Tik Tok app belongs to a Chinese Company. All Chinese Companies are bound by the law to provide all data to the Chinese government. Many countries consider this is a big threat to the national security.

Because of these reasons many countries are now discussing about banning the app. Some countries try to discourage people to download the app by lowering the app ratings. It’s time for all of us also to think twice before using Tik Tok.

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