Homemade Yoghurt

Making yoghurt at home is super simple. It’s super delicious, hygienic, and simple…


  • Fresh milk – 500ml
  • Yoghurt – 45g
  • Sugar – 25g
  • Method:

    • Get a pan with a thick bottom and pour fresh milk into it.
    • Heat milk under medium heat while stirring continuously.
    • When milk is well heated add sugar into this and keep it aside to cool down. Don’t add sugar if you want to make a sugar free yoghurt. It needs to let this cool down until it comes to the room temperature.
    • After that mix around 02 tbsp of milk with yoghurt. Then pour this yoghurt into milk and give it a good mix.
    • Then pour milk into a cup. Make sure to pass this through a filter. If there are any air bubbles in the mixture you can remove them.
    • Then close the lid and keep it in a warm place to set. To make this warm you can wrap it with a towel or a cotton cloth.
    • Then keep it in an oven (without turning the oven on) or in a cupboard. It takes around 10 hours for this yoghurt to set. Meanwhile don’t try to open it time to time.
    • After that keep this in the fridge around 05 more minutes for this to set further.
    • Enjoy…
    Homemade Yoghurt
    Homemade Yoghurt
    Homemade Yoghurt
    Homemade Yoghurt

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