Sausage Bun Recipe

These delicious sausage buns are ideal for any occasion like breakfast, picnics, and tea times. Specially kids love these sausage buns a lot. Let’s give them some homemade sausage buns.


  • All-purpose Flour – 500g
  • Lukewarm Fresh Milk – 200ml
  • Salt – 02 tsp
  • Sugar – 02 tsp
  • Yeast – 03 tsp
  • Eggs (Medium Size) – 02
  • Margarine – 50g
  • Sausages – 20


  • Sprinkle yeast and sugar on lukewarm milk. Give it a gentle stir and set aside around 6-7 mins until yeast active.
  • In a small bowl, beat eggs a bit and keep aside.
  • Add yeast, melted margarine and salt to flour. Using a wooden spoon give it a good mix.
  • Then add eggs. Reserve around 01 tbsp of eggs. We need this to do the egg wash after making all buns.
  • After that start mixing the dough by using your hands. Transfer this dough to a flat surface and knead gently around 15 mins. If the dough is bit sticky apply flour on your hands and knead. It needs to knead the dough until it becomes smooth and elastic.
  • When the dough is ready cut the dough into 20 equal parts. Make small balls out of those pieces. After making all balls let it rise for another 20-30 mins.
  • Take one ball and make it flat. Then roll the dough into a rope. This dough rope should be lengthy enough to cover the sausage.
  • Starting from one corner gently wrap it around the sausage. Seal the edges very well. When you wrap don’t cover the whole sausage. Let it come out from the sides a bit. Also, make sure to wash and dry the sausages before using them.
  • After making all buns we need to let it rise around 15-20mins more.
  • Before baking we need to egg wash these buns. Apply reserved beaten egg on top and sides of the bun using a brush.
  • Place the baking tray in the pre-heated oven at 200C and bake these buns around 15mins until they become golden brown.
  • Your kids will love these homemade hot sausage buns.
Sausage Buns
Sausage Buns
Sausage Buns
Sausage Buns
Sausage Buns
Sausage Buns
Sausage Buns


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