Homemade Passion Fruit Jam

Homemade Jam is the most delightful way to enjoy seasonal fruits all over the year. Also, this will be a most unique gift that you can give to your loved ones.


  • Passion Fruits – 800g
  • Sugar – 550g
  • Salt – ½ tsp
  • Lime Juice – 01 tsp
  • Method:

    • First wash all passion fruits and cut them into half. Scrape the pulp and seeds into a jar.
    • In a separate pan, boil all the passion peels. Fill water until all peels are covered and boil them around 30 mins.
    • Until peels are ready, put the pulp into a blender cup and blend well with the seeds. Don’t add water into this. After blending separate juice and the seeds by using a juice filter.
    • After around 30 mins passion peels become tender making us easy to remove the inner flesh from the hard outer skin. Remove the inner flesh and blend them until it becomes a paste. Here also make sure not to add water.
    • Put the blended inner flesh paste, passion juice, salt and sugar into a pan and combine them all together.
    • Heat this mixture under medium heat while stirring continuously. After around 10 mins of heating add lime juice.
    • Heat the mixture until it comes to the right jam consistency.
    • Meanwhile, sterilize the bottles that we use to fill jam. For that heat water in a pan and put a kitchen towel to the bottom of the pan. Carefully place glass bottles on the kitchen towel and boil them around 10 mins. After boiling the bottles get them out of hot water and keep them upside down on a kitchen towel to remove excess water.
    • Once you feel like the jam is ready you can check whether it has come to the right consistency. This is how you can do it. Put a small drop of jam on to a dish and run your finger through it. If it leaves a clean trail on the dish your jam is ready.
    • Once the jam is ready pour them into sterilized bottles, close tightly and keep them upside down around 05 mins.
    • After 5 mins get the bottles, turn them to the correct side, cover them with a kitchen towel and keep them like that for 24 hours inside a cupboard.
    • Next day you can enjoy your delicious homemade passion fruit jam.
    Homemade Passion Fruit Jam
    Homemade Passion Fruit Jam
    Passion Fruit Jam
    Passion Fruit Jam
    Homemade Passion Fruit Jam
    Homemade Passion Fruit Jam
    Homemade Passion Fruit Jam

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