Mung Kawum Recipe

Mung Kawum or Green Gram Kawum is very famous in Awurudhu season. It’s really easy to cook Mung Kwum if you follow correct steps.


  • Roasted green gram flour - 250g
  • Rice flour - 250g (For the batter)
  • Rice flour - 200g (To mix with green gram flour)
  • Rice flour - 200g (For dusting)
  • All purpose flour - 100g
  • Sugar - 250g
  • Coconut honey - 1/2 cups
  • Eggs - 01
  • Salt - 02 tsp
  • Coconut milk - 02 cups
  • Oil for deep frying


  • Roast rice flour that we need for the batter around 03mins.
  • Roast rice flour that we mix with green gram flour around 02 mins.
  • To make sugar syrup, put a small amount of sugar to your frying pan and let it melt under low heat while stirring continuously.
  • When sugar becomes dark brown add one cup of hot water.
  • Then add remaining sugar, 01 tsp of salt and another cup of water.
  • Cook this under low heat while stirring.
  • To check whether your sugar syrup is ready, get a small amount of sugar syrup to your spoon and pour it down. If it pours down like a thick line this has come to the right level.
  • Now get around 1/2 cup from this and keep this aside. This can be used while adding flour.
  • Thereafter, add coconut honey to the remaining sugar syrup and cook around 01-02 mins.
  • Add roasted green gram flour and mix.
  • Add rice flour and mix.
  • Add all purpose flour and mix.
  • Once this is mixed well, touch this dough with your fingers. If it doesn’t stick to your fingers this dough has come to the right level.
  • Then, get your board or tray and dust it with rice flour.
  • Transfer the kawum mixture into this board.
  • Level and make this thin while dusting with roasted rice flour.
  • Now cut this into diamond shapes.
  • To make the batter, beat an egg little and dd coconut milk and 01 tsp of salt and mix.
  • Add rice flour little by little and mix. If you like you can add little bit of all purpose flour also.
  • Mix this until this becomes a thick batter.
  • Here some people and turmeric powder into this batter to get more yellow colour to kawum. If you like you can add 01 tsp of turmeric powder into this.
  • Once oil is heated well, dip kawum in the batter and put into oil.
  • When kawum becomes golden brown get them out of oil and keep on a tissue or a net.
  • Once you are done with making all kawum, let them cool down and then store in an air tight container.
Mung Kawum before frying
Mung Kawum Dough
Mung Kawum Coating
Mung Kawum Coating
Mung Kawum
Closeup view of Mung Kawum
Mung Kawum


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