Marmite Drink Recipe

Marmite is a wonderful food. Some people love it a lot and some people hate it. Normally, we used to eat Marmite with something like bread, biscuits, rotti, hoppers and etc. But, have you ever tried Marmite as a drink. Marmite drink is a very tasty one with an unique taste. Shall we try this super drink today?


  • Marmite – 01 TSP
  • Lemon – 01 TSP
  • Red Onion – 01 - 02
  • Hot Water – 01 Cup
  • Curry Leaves
  • Salt to Taste
  • Green chilies (Small) - 01 (Optional)


  • Chop red onions into small pieces.
  • In a mug, mix marmite with hot water until marmite dissolves fully. (If you haven’t tried this drink before, better to start with small quantities like half a spoon of marmite. Then increase the amount)
  • Add red onion and curry leaves into the marmite mixture and mix well.
  • Add lemon and salt to taste.
  • If you want to get a spicy taste to your drink, you can add some green chili pieces to your drink. Make sure not to add lots of chilies, otherwise, it will get too spicy.
  • Close the mug and keep it aside for 1-2 mins. By doing so, it will help to mix all ingredients well and increase the taste.
  • Then, filter the mixture to another cup.
  • Serve it, before it becomes cool.


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