Healthy Kurakkan String Hoppers

String hoppers also called as Idi Aappa or Idi Appam is a very popular food in Sri Lanka. There are different types of string hoppers such as White String hoppers, Kurakkan string hoppers, and Rice flour string hoppers. Among them Kurakkan String Hoppers is a very healthier version of string hoppers in Sri Lankan villages. Old Sri Lankans believed that Kurakkan gives them the strength they need to perform their day to day hard works. Even today most of Sri Lankans make string hoppers for breakfast or dinner.


  • White String Hoppers Flour – 250g
  • Kurakkan Flour – 150g
  • Salt – 02 tsp
  • Water
  • Method

    • Sieve string hoppers flour and kurakkan flour together.
    • Add salt to the flour and mix well.
    • To make string hoppers dough, put water little by little until you make a smooth dough.
    • Get little bit from the dough and make a nice ball. If you can make a smooth ball from the dough without sticking it on your palms, that’s the correct level of the dough. If the dough is sticky add more flour and mix.
    • Put little by little from the prepared dough to the string hoppers mould and make string hoppers. Before making string hoppers spray some oil on the mats. This will make it easy for you to remove string hoppers.
    • This Kurakkan string hoppers dough is little bit thicker than the normal dough. So it is better to get a string hopper mould with big holes. It’s really hard to pass through this dough from small holes.
    • We can make these string hoppers even only by using Kurakkan flour. But, only with Kurakkan flour string hoppers will get hard and they dry up soon. So, it is better to mix some string hoppers flour with this.
    • Once one batch of string hoppers are ready, we can put them into a steamer and boil. These string hoppers don’t take lots of time to boil. Within 03-04 minutes they’ll be ready.
    • We need to eat these kurakkan string hoppers while they are hot, because after some time they’ll be dry up. By the time you eat, if string hoppers are too dry steam them again little bit more.
    • These Kurakkan string hoppers are very tasty with potato curry, fish curry and dhal curry.
    Kurakkan String Hoppers
    Kurakkan String Hoppers
    Kurakkan String Hoppers with Coconut Sambol
    Kurakkan String Hoppers with Curry
    Kurakkan String Hoppers


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