Kohila Kanda (Lasia Conjee) Recipe

Kohila (Lasia) is a very common plant in Sri Lanka with lots of health benefits. Specially if you are suffering with Hemorrhoids, Lasia is a superb home remedy for you. Not only for people who are suffering with Hemorrhoids, for anyone Lasia conjee is a great morning drink.


  • Raw Rice – 75g
  • Crushed Garlic Cloves – 03-04
  • Lasia Stem – 350g
  • Scraped Coconut – 120g
  • Salt – 01 tsp
  • Water


  • Soak raw rice in water around 04-05 hours. If you are planning to make this conjee in the morning it is better to soak rice in the previous day night. Following day morning blend this rice and put to the pan you cook conjee. When we blend rice like this it doesn’t need to cook rice separately before making the conjee. It cooks very quickly with the juice.
  • Then peel off lasia stem, wash them and cut into mid-size pieces.
  • Put lasia, scraped coconut and water together and blend very well.
  • After that squeeze juice and put into the same pan you put rice. Repeat this blending process one more time to get more juice.
  • Add salt and crushed garlic cloves.
  • Now cook this around 07-08 mins under medium heat while stirring continuously.
  • When the conjee is ready, adjust salt as per your taste and get the pan out of the stove.
  • Enjoy with a piece of jaggery.
Kohila Kanda (Lasia Conjee)
Kohila Kanda (Lasia Conjee)

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