Kiri Aluwa Recipe

Aluwa is a very easy Avurudu recipe that anyone can make without any troubles. There are different ways of making Aluwa. Kiri Aluwa is one of them.


  • Sugar – 350g
  • Thick Coconut Milk – 02 cups
  • Roasted Rice Flour – 300g
  • Roasted Rice Flour for Dusting – 100g
  • Cashew / Peanuts – 50g
  • Cardamom – 10-12
  • Salt – 1 ½ tsp


  • Before start making Aluwa we need to prepare the board that we put Aluwa mixture. For that in a flat surface dust some roasted rice flour and keep it aside. We don’t have time to do this after making Aluwa.
  • Dissolve sugar in coconut milk under medium heat.
  • For this work it’s always better to get a big pan. When heating, coconut milk comes up very quickly. If your pan is a small one it will spill everywhere. Also, keep in mind to stir this continuously under medium heat.
  • Then add ground cardamom and salt.
  • When the syrup comes to the correct level turn off the flame and add chopped cashew. It doesn’t need to wait until syrup pours down like a thick line. If so, your Aluwa will get harden soon.
  • Gradually add flour into this syrup and mix thoroughly. If you like you can reserve around ½ cup from the syrup before adding flour. In any case if you add too much flour, we can use this reserved syrup and mix again.
  • When flour becomes a soft dough, spread this on the prepared tray. Don’t make it a hard dough by adding too much flour.
  • Then level the dough by spreading rice flour on top. You can now cut this into desired shapes.
Kiri Aluwa before cutting
Kiri Aluwa
Kiri Aluwa
Kiri Aluwa
Kiri Aluwa
Kiri Aluwa
Kiri Aluwa


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