Cashew & Jaggery Milk Rice

Instead of cooking a normal milk rice some likes to cook a milk rice mixed with jaggery for Avurudu. This jaggery milk rice mixed with cashew will be a great addition for your avurudu table.


  • White raw rice – 400g
  • Water – 04 cups
  • Plums – 30g
  • Grated jaggery – 150g
  • Thick coconut milk – 02 ½ - 03 cups
  • Cashew – 100g
  • Salt – 02 tsps
  • Method

    • Put rice into a pan and add water to the level all rice is covered. Cook this like we normally cook rice.
    • Meanwhile, mix salt with coconut milk.
    • When rice is cooked enough add coconut milk. After adding coconut milk stir continuously under low heat.
    • Then add cashew, jaggery & plums. Mix thoroughly to combine all ingredients together.
    • When rice absorbed all coconut milk and starts sticking together switch off the flame.
    • Transfer milk rice into a tray, flatten it well, let it cool down a bit and then cut into pieces.
    Milk Rice while cooking
    Milk Rice before cutting into pieces
    Flatten milk rice
    Cashew & Jaggery Milk Rice Pieces
    Cashew & Jaggery Milk Rice Pieces


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