Imbul Kiribath Recipe

Imbul Kiribath, the sweet variation of milk rice is a very old authentic Sri Lankan food. Milk Rice stuffed with coconut mixed with treacle is an absolute delicacy for a sweet tooth.

Ingredients:Pani Pol (Coconut mixed with treacle)

  • Scraped Coconut – 200g
  • Sugar – 150g
  • Treacle
  • Ground Cardamom
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Hot Water – ½ cup

Ingredients:Milk Rice

  • White Raw Rice – 500g
  • Thick Coconut Milk – 03 cups
  • Salt – 02 tsp
  • Water – 03 / 04 cups


  • To make pani pol, put some sugar into a pan and let it melt. Heat sugar until it gets golden brown. Make sure not to overheat it. If so, pani pol will get a bitter taste.
  • When sugar gets golden brown add hot water into this.
  • Ten add ground cardamom and salt. After that add rest of the sugar and treacle.
  • When sugar starts bubbling, add scraped coconut and mix thoroughly. Cook few minutes until excess water evaporates. But, don’t let it over dry.
  • To make milk rice, wash rice very well and put it into your cooking pot. Add water to the level until all rice is covered and cook like we cook normal rice.
  • Meanwhile, mix salt with coconut milk.
  • When rice is cooked, add coconut milk into this. Cook milk rice under medium heat while stirring constantly.
  • When rice absorbs all coconut milk and starts sticking together switch off the flame.
  • Put some milk rice into an oil paper or Kolapatha (areca sheath) and spread it evenly like a square. Keep some pani pol in the middle of milk rice. Keep both ends together, roll it and then turn both ends to the opposite directions like we wrap a toffee to get a cylinder shape.
  • Open it and keep milk rice on a plate. Repeat this until all milk rice and pani pol is over.
  • Enjoy.
Imbul Kiribath on a Banana Leaf
Imbul Kiribath on a Kolapatha
Imbul Kiribath
Imbul Kiribath
Imbul Kiribath (Pani Kiribath)


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