Green Gram Milk Rice

Green gram milk rice, also known as Mung Ata Kiribath is another delicious traditional Avurudu recipe. Normal milk rice plus one more step. Then, it’s Green Gram Milk Rice.


  • White Raw Rice – 400g
  • Green Gram – 125g
  • Thick Coconut Milk – 02 ½ / 03 cups
  • Salt – 02 tsps
  • Water – 04 cups


  • Soak green gram in the previous day night. (At least 12 hours)
  • Wash green gram thoroughly before making Milk Rice.
  • Wash raw rice also very well and put both rice and green gram to your cooking pot.
  • Add water to the level that all rice is covered and cook this like we cook normal rice.
  • Until the rice is cooked, mix salt with coconut milk. When we do so, it spreads salt every part of milk rice evenly.
  • When rice is cooked enough add coconut milk. Make sure to stir this continuously until this is taken out of fire.
  • Once rice absorbed all coconut milk and starts sticking together switch off the flame. Here we need to check whether green gram is cooked enough too.
  • Transfer milk rice on to a flat surface and make it flat.
  • Let this cool down a bit and cut into pieces.


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