Chocolate Bread Pudding

If you are a chocolate lover this is a must try recipe for you. This rich chocolate bread pudding with chocolate topping make you feel heavenly.


  • One day old Bread – 300g
  • Salted Butter – 42g
  • Sugar – 150g
  • Fresh Milk – 400ml
  • Vanilla – 01 tsp
  • Large Eggs – 03
  • Chocolate Chunks – 130g
  • Whipping Cream – 100ml
  • Cocoa Powder – 40g
  • Ingredients:Chocolate Topping

  • Dark chocolate chunks – 130g
  • Whipping Cream – 50ml
  • How to cook:

  • Put butter, sugar, fresh milk, cocoa powder and whipping cream into a pan and heat. It doesn’t need to heat it a lot. Just heat a little until bubbles appear from the corners of the pan. After heating let it cool down.
  • Cut bread into pieces. Normally we get a one day old bread for this pudding. If your bread is rich, just toast them in the oven for few minutes.
  • When the chocolate mixture cools down add egss one by one and whisk continuously. Make sure the eggs are not curdled.
  • Apply some butter on the baking tray and put half of the bread pieces into it. Pour half of the chocolate mixture all over breads and add half of the chocolate chunks.
  • Then add rest of the bread pieces and pour rest of the chocolate mixture all over bread pieces. If there are any dry pieces soak them also by using a spoon. When you do this don’t press them too hard.
  • Finally add rest of the chocolate chunks and then bake the pudding around 40-50 mins under 175C in a pre-heated oven.
  • After baking around 30 mins, cover the pudding with an aluminum foil and bake the rest. Otherwise, the top bread pieces will be over roasted.
  • To make the chocolate topping melt chocolate with whipping cream.
  • Once the pudding is ready let it cool down a bit and pour the chocolate topping all over the pudding.
  • Enjoy…
  • Bread Pudding
    Bread Pudding
    Bread Pudding
    Bread Pudding
    Bread Pudding
    Bread Pudding
    Bread Pudding


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