Understanding Newborn Sleep

Infants need a proper and restful sleep in the first few months and it is very crucial for their development. Your baby needs a lot more sleep than you do. Hence, we have to be very careful about their sleep.

  • Signs of Sleepiness

You have a big responsibility to give your baby a safe and healthy sleep. For that it is important to understand their sleepiness signs. For an example, if your baby is rubbing eyes, if baby is irritable those can be their sleepiness signs.

  • Falling Asleep

Teaching your baby to fall asleep on his own is also vital. The best way to do this is keep your child in the crib when baby is drowsy. But, you have to make sure you keep your baby in the crib before baby falls asleep. In this way slowly baby will learn to sleep alone.

  • Back to Sleep

Baby should always sleep on his/her back. Then baby have enough space in the crib and this position keeps baby safe from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

  • Crib Safety

Remove unnecessary toys and pillows in the crib and make a comfortable environment for your child to sleep.

  • Sleeping Environment

Babies develop many of their sleeping habits in the first few weeks. Therefore, make baby’s sleeping area bit dark. This will help them to sleep only at night when grow even.

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