Kawasaki Disease

What is this Kawasaki Disease? Have you ever heard about this before? Nowadays most of the countries are very focused on this disease since it emerged again with the Corona virus pandemic. It’s our responsibility save our children from this disease. For that let’s get to know exactly what this disease is.

Mostly Kawasaki disease is common among children who are in 05 years old or below. This mainly affects to child’s mouth, skin and glands. Children can recover completely if this disease is diagnosed and treated in early stages. But the situation is worst if none of the treatments are done within 10 days. In a severe condition this disease affects badly on child’s heart.

The exact reason for Kawasaki disease is not yet found. Generally, this disease is not contagious. As mentioned earlier, Kawasaki disease is mostly common among children who are below 05 years old. Boys are more likely to get the disease than girls. Children with Asian descent are more likely to have the disease.

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Kawasaki disease symptoms

Symptoms of the Kawasaki disease come in phases.

First Phase

  • High fever (Above 101F) lasts more than 05 days. This fever doesn’t answer to any normal fever medications.
  • A widespread rash on chest, legs and genital areas.
  • Swollen red skin on hands and on feet.
  • Swollen glands specially on neck.
  • Irritated throat, mouth and lips.
  • A strawberry like tongue with pink white coated spots.
  • Blood shot eyes

Second Phase

  • Joint pain
  • Belly pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Peeling skin on hands and feet in large sheets specially tips of the fingers and toes

This disease affects to your child’s heart in between 10 days to 02 weeks. Hence, it’s utmost important to diagnose and treat this disease in early stages. If your child gets any of these symptoms with fever (101F-103F) more than 03 days, immediately visit a doctor and go for necessary treatments.

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