Home hazards during pregnancy

Being a happy mom is the most precious moments in a girl’s life. From the day we get to know that we are pregnant we totally change our daily routine. We always think twice before doing anything. Whether we go somewhere or stay at home safety comes first. Some of you may think that home is the safest place for you to stay during pregnancy. Yes of course. Well maintained and well cleaned home is the most relaxing and safe place for you. But sometimes you may face some accidents in your home in an unexpected way. Let’s see what they are.

  • Your bathroom is the most important place for you to focus on. During pregnancy you go to bathroom more frequently than other days. Therefore, it needs to be well cleaned and dried. Don’t speed up your walk in the bathroom and always use a non-slippery cloth doormat near the bathroom door. Instruct your family members not to put water or soap all over the bathroom. This helps you to prevent slippery hazards inside the bathroom.
  • In the first trimester of the pregnancy most of the women experience vomiting. When you want to vomit don’t always rush in to the bathroom. Instead keep a small tin or a basket with you. You can vomit to that and clean it later.
  • Use rubber doormats instead a cloth doormat. Some cloth doormats have a silk beneath which may cause slippery hazards.
  • If you have more children at home always pay extra attention to their toys. They may leave those toys on the floor after playing. You may have to face an accident if you step on them. Ask your elder children not to put toys everywhere and clean the playing area soon after playing.
  • Never touch unsecure electric items at home. Even a small electric leakage can make a big shock to you during pregnancy.
  • Be careful when selecting transport mediums. Try to avoid vehicles like three wheelers and motor bikes as much as possible. Always wear seat belts inside the vehicle and back seat is the best place for you and your baby to travel.
  • Be extra careful on the stairs and take extra steps to avoid accidental falls on the stairs. You may be late to your work or another important appointment. Your baby is the most important thing in your life than any other thing. So, take your time and walk on the stairs to avoid any accidents.
  • Avoid bug sprays. You may be used to bug sprays to get rid of bugs at home. Those chemicals are not good to use during pregnancy. Try some natural ways to get rid of those insects and minimize the usage of chemical sprays.
  • All of your family members have an equal and extra responsibility when there is a pregnant woman at home. Not only after the birth, work together to provide a better and safer environment for your little unborn baby from now onwards.

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