Newborn Breastfeeding

If you are a new-mummy, it’s time to discuss about breastfeeding, since many women are struggling with different kinds of problems in breastfeeding. We hope below tips will make your life easy.

  • Why should I do breastfeeding?

Do you know that breastfeeding is one of the best and important practices between mother and baby? It gives many benefits to your baby as well as to your body.There are many advantages of breastfeeding.

  • Makes a strong bond between mom and baby
  • Gives perfect combination of nutrients which needs for your baby to grow to be strong and healthy (like antioxidants to build the immune system)
  • Easier for Baby to digest
  • Burning mummy’s calories
  • Shrinking down the uterus
  • Reducing the risk of breast cancer
  • Is there a right way to breastfeed?

As each steps in pregnancy is differ, breastfeeding is also one of different part of being mother. Therefore, it’s better to know the right way of this task.

  • First step is that mother should stay in comfortable and relaxed way.
  • Then, face your baby’s mouth and nose to your nipple.
  • And don’t let your baby’s chin to press into your breast (or avoid your breast which is pressing on your baby’s chin)
  • Am I in a correct position for breast feeding?

The successful breastfeeding way is placing baby’s mouth on mother’s nipple. Here, this may be a new experience to you as well as to your baby. Therefore, it takes somewhat effort and time to get it down smoothly. If you’re ready to feed, firstly you should touch baby’s face by using your nipple or finger, and notice how your baby automatically turns his/her face toward the sensation and open his/her mouth. And here, remember that baby’s nose and chin should lightly touch the breast.

Thereafter, draw your baby to your breast, when his/her mouth is open. If you are in a correct breast feeding position, you should not have shooting pains or pinching. But, if you feel any pains, then you must seek the advice of a lactation consultation.

  • Cross-cradle position

Cross-cradle position is one of best positions which support to breastfeeding for newborns. Steps are as follows.

  • Firstly, you should sit on a comfortable chair and hold your baby securely in crosswise with the arm.
  • Then, if you nurse from your right breast, hold your baby with your left arm and vice versa
  • Here, your forearm is supporting your baby’s body and your hand is supporting and steering baby’s head.
  • And here, you can support your breast by placing your thumb above your breast and your other fingers beneath, with your right hand.

That’s how cross-cradle position is doing. So, solve your breastfeeding issues and give the best nutrients to your newborns!


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