Why is a man’s hygiene so important to women?

We all know that some gents don’t consider about their beauty or appearance as ladies. But, do you know that personal hygiene of a person helps not only to keep a person healthy but to attract opposite sex. Ladies may not talk about your missing shaves and showers. But, your personal cleanliness is very important to them. Personal hygiene is not a thing to allocate hours from your time and do things. The only thing you have to do is concentrate more on your daily life pattern.

What you can do to maintain a good personal hygiene? Nails, Many men don’t even think about their nails. Your hygiene depends on how clean your nails are. So, don’t forget to clean under your nails when having every day showers. You will have very low opposite sex attraction if your nails are dirty and looks discolor.

Next very important thing is grooming facial hair. Men do so many styles to their beard. Before doing any style you have to decide whether that style is appropriate to you. But, there are some men who don’t consider more about their beard. They don’t do often shaving and etc. So, when we look at their face we can think about their hygiene also.

Brushing and flossing your teeth is also equally important. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth well your mouth will have a bad smell. It is not enough to brush your teeth; you have to brush your tongue as well. So, brush and floss your teeth well and keep your mouth clean. There are some foods like onions which give some bad smell. So, if you eat something like that don’t forget to clean your mouth well after eating so that the bad smell will be less.

Most men don’t think about their clothes laundering. They used to wear whatever they can see or get easily. But, if you wear something without washing it will give a bad smell. So, make a habit of washing your clothes and iron your clothes well before wearing. Wearing ironed clothes impacts lot to your personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene of a person reflects by the smell of that person. Studies have shown that, personal hygiene matters a lot for a women to consider a man as their potential partner. So, the smell of a man is so important to women. This smell doesn’t mean that your cologne or perfumes smell. That should be your natural smell.

Now you can understand that how much personal hygiene is important. So, if you don’t have an affair with a girl so far, don’t worry about that. Take a minute and think whether your personal hygiene is strong enough to attract a girl. If not, try to improve your personal hygiene a bit, before trying next time.

Good Luck.

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