Wash your hands correctly to kill Corona

These days the topic “Corona” is in everyone’s mouth. Everyone talks and searches about many ways to protect from this virus. Wearing masks and following Ayurvedic methods are common among the public.

Washing your hands in a correct way is the best way to prevent Corona. This virus very easily and quickly sticks to our hands. Then if we touch our face from hands with the virus it can very easily go into our body.

The outer layer of this virus consists with oil kind of thing. As we all know these oily parts doesn’t mix with water. So, there is no use of washing our hands only with water. But, what does happen if we wash our hands with soap? That oil layer dissolves in soap. When soap pull apart this oil layer it demolishes the virus.

Most important thing is this process takes some time. That is at least 20 seconds. There is no way to kill the virus if we wash hands only around 05-10 seconds. It still can survive in our hands. So, we must wash our hands very well with soap AT LEAST 20 SECONDS.

These days if we go out it will be somewhat difficult to always wash your hands with soap. In this case sanitizers work too. Those sanitizers also work similar to soap. Make sure to take a sanitizer whenever you go out. We need to select a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. But if your hands are dirty or sweaty the effectiveness of the sanitizers may go down.

Apart from washing hands social distancing also plays a major role in beating Corona virus. If you go out make sure to keep at least 01-meter distance with others. Go out only for an essential thing. Otherwise you are very safe in your home.

There is another thing that you need to consider in these days. When you purchase something from a shop or from a delivery vehicle, don’t get those items straight away to your home. Unpack them outside, destroy the bags and then get those goods inside.

Let’s contribute our maximum to beat the Corona Virus. Stay at home. Follow government instructions. Be Safe.

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