Reduce the impact of air conditioners to your eyes

With the increasing temperature in these days we all tend to spend more time with the air conditioner. Although an A/C can give you a quick relief to your sweat, are you aware about the negative impact it can cause to your health? Air conditioners create artificial temperature which cause negative impacts to your body. A/Cs affect to your overall body, but your eye being the most sensitive part affects a lot.

Although we turn on the A/C to be comfortable your overall productivity goes down if you get dry eyes which can ultimately cause headaches. There are few things that you can do for this.

  • Avoid sitting too close to the air conditioner
  • Since air conditioners reduce humidity in air keep few water containers in the corners of your room. Then this water will evaporate and increase the humidity in the room.
  • Proper maintenance of your A/C is another important thing to stay healthy. Prolonged usage of A/C can create molds and bacteria in the ducts which results infections.
  • Maintain your body hydration by consuming lots of water
  • Set your A/C above the room temperature

If you have excessively dry eyes you better consult a doctor and check the condition of your eyes. Most probably they will recommend an eye cooling lubricant drop. But based on the dryness they will recommend some other treatments too.


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