Why do I get sweaty palms?

Those who have an issue in their life know the pain of it. This is same for health problems also. We have seen there are some people who always keep a handkerchief in their hands and wipe hands. That is because their hands are excessively sweating. While some people have excessive sweating some people may not. Only very few in the population have the problem of sweaty palms and sole. Although this is a very normal condition, those who have sweaty palms and sole may face lots of difficulties.

Since, we all have sweaty glands in our hands, it is normal to have some moisture there. There are two types of sweaty glands called Apocrine and Eccrine. Thick sweat which contains protein and fatty acid is released by Apocrine. Those are mainly located in the areas where you have more hair like scalp and armpits. Body odor depends on these apocrine.

Eccrine consists with more water and salt and these glands help to keep the body cool. Eccrine doesn’t contribute to decide body odor. These glands are located everywhere in your body.

This excessive sweating is called Palmar Hyperhidrosis. Palmar Hyperhidrosis can start when you are in childhood or adolescence.

Although sweaty palms and sole is a very normal thing, those who have this issue face lots of difficulties. This affects badly for school children. They cannot hold the pen properly, book gets wet while writing and etc. Other thing is if you have this issue you are embarrassed to shake hands and touch other people.

Although this is a very normal thing it requires some treatments in some conditions. If your palms sweat more than 20 miligrams per minute, that this considered as a treatable medical condition. If you have this issue, the best thing is to meet your doctor and clarify whether this is normal or not.

Some believe sweaty palms and sole have a connection with emotional stress. That is because, your palms may sweat with no environment temperature or physical stress. The reason for that is over activating the nervous system. Specially, the malfunction of “Sympathetic Nervous System”. This nervous system controls the heartbeat, pupil dilation, fight or flight responses and blushing. Same time this system controls the body temperature and stimulate sweaty glands to produce sweat.

Over activation and stimulation of Sympathetic Nervous System produces more sweat resulting you to sweat more.

If you have this issue, it is very important to drink lots of water to keep your hydration. You are at a risk of having some infections since your sweaty palms can carry more germs due to its moisture. So, it is essential to clean very well your palms, sole and overall body. Another safety risk is also associated with this. If you have sweaty sole your slippers may slip always. So, keep in mind to purchase non slippery slippers to ensure your safety. Washing and drying your handkerchiefs and socks every day is also important to maintain your hygiene.

There are some methods you can use to control this sweat. One method is applying an antiperspirant. This doesn’t stop sweating, but, can control sweating to some extent. It is vital to get advices from a doctor before selecting an antiperspirant. The other method is Botulinum Injections (Botox). This injection blocks the signal that goes to sweaty glands and control sweating. Whatever the method you select it is highly recommended to get consultation from a doctor before doing anything with regard to this.

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