Vaginal Dryness

After menopause process it is common for many women to have vaginal dryness. But in any age it can happen the issue of not having adequate vaginal lubricant.


  • Itching or stinging around the vaginal opening and the lower part of the vagina
  • Burning
  • Soreness
  • Bleeding or pain during intercourse
  • Urine infections

Although vaginal dryness is common among many women most women are reluctant to meet doctors regarding this issue. Due to the vaginal dryness you cannot enjoy your sex life. Therefore, if you are suffering from vaginal dryness it is better to meet a doctor and get consultation.


There are some reasons to have vaginal dryness.

Low level of estrogen

Low level of estrogen is the main reason for vaginal dryness. Estrogen is a female hormone and it helps to maintain healthy vaginal tissues by maintaining vaginal lubricant level. Further, it protects the elasticity of vaginal tissues. Through that it creates a natural protection against vaginal and urinary infections. But, with the reduction of estrogen level, this protection also becomes weak and you are more exposed to infections. Level of estrogen can be lowered due to many reasons.

  • Menopause / Perimenopause
  • Child birth
  • Breast feeding
  • Immune disorders
  • Cigarette smoking


If you get some medications due to some issues, it may cause to reduce the moisture level of some body parts. This can cause to reduce moisture level of vaginal also. If you are using anti-estrogen medication for breast cancer, that will also reduce the moisture of vagina.

Tests and Diagnosis

Pelvic Exam

Under the pelvic exam what happens normally is, it is checked your genitalia, vagina and cervix.

Pap Test

This is done by testing cervical cells.

Urine Test

This will be done by testing urine samples.

Treatments and Drugs

Vaginal estrogen cream

This cream should be applied in the vagina at night when you are going to sleep. You have to get instructions from a doctor regarding frequency of applying and the amount.

Vaginal estrogen ring

It will be inserted a soft flexible ring to the upper part of your vagina. This ring releases constant estrogen dose to your vagina.


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