Top Foods for Women

Does a woman need to eat differently than a man? What do you think? A woman’s nutritional need is differ from a man. Hence, woman’s eating behavior should differ from a man.

When a woman gets older (More than 30 years) they need unique nutritional requirements to be strong. Here are some great foods for you to be healthier and stronger.

Soy Protein

High level of protein is contained in soy milk and soy nut butter and cereal. Soy protein helps to reduce bad cholesterol level by helping you to maintain a healthy heart.

Whole grains

Digestive problems are common among woman. Whole grains contain fiber and helps to reduce digestive problems. Hence, better to add brown rice and barley to your meal.

Foods rich in folate

It is good to add orange, fortified cereals and beans to your meals. When a woman gets pregnant folate is very significant. Reason is folate is essential for neural tube development of the baby.


Though water is not food water is very vital for the metabolic process of the body. Other than that water helps to reduce weight and increase the appearance of the skin.

Iron rich foods

Young woman requires more iron due to menstruation process. A man needs around 10mg – 12mg of iron per day. But, per day a woman requires 12mg – 15mg of iron. Thus, you should eat foods which contain more iron.

Calcium rich foods

Calcium helps to have stronger bones. High level of calcium contain in low fat dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables.


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