Is drinking cold water harmful?

Drinking cold water in hot days feels heavenly. It gives such an amazing feeling to your body and mind when you drink ice water. You may tend to drink cold water thinking that drinking water in any form is good for your health. But, after figuring out these hidden dangers of cold water, you might think twice before reaching to the refrigerator. The following reasons will be enough for you to restrict cold water, since it adversely affects to your body.

What are the effects of drinking cold water?

  • Drinking cold water/beverages causes to shrink your blood vessels. It restricts your digestion and hydration is slowed down. Thus, food will not be digested properly and the nutrients will not be absorbed by the body. This can lead to constipation even.
  • Instead of digesting food and trying to absorb the nutrient parts of it, your body itself tries to regulate the temperature of your body. This can lead to water loss and leave your body short of nutrition.
  • When you drink cold water after a meal it creates excess mucus in your body. This can lead to decrease your immune system catching up cold and other illnesses like sore throat very easily.
  • Drinking cold water stimulates the vagus nerve, causing your heart rate to drop. Once the vagus nerve is affected, as an emergency measure your heart rate slows down until your body temperature regulates.
  • Cold water decreases the body temperature. This situation can cause fats to harden and solidify, making them harder for body to digest. This can lead to extra fat in your body.

Drinking ice water can make you feel refreshed and stimulate your body in the short term; but, it can adversely affect to your body in the long term. So, don’t try to get a temporary relief to your body. Get into the habit of drinking water in room temperature. You will notice a great improvement in your health.


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