Increasing Male Fertility

When it comes to fertility, all talk about women. If a married woman is not pregnant most people think that it is a fault of women’s side. But, male fertility is also a significant thing to consider. At a time a man ejaculates around 100-300 million sperms. From that count only around 100,000 sperms survive until it goes to the fallopian tube. This itself proves how imperative to have strong and mobile sperms to make a women pregnant. There are some ways for you to follow to increase your male fertility.

See the Doctor

Some men don’t produce sperms which are adequate enough to make a woman pregnant. Or else, their sperms are not strong enough to fertilize an egg. Studies prove that 30% - 40% of male infertility contributes for a woman not to become pregnant. Thus, if you are still not pregnant after trying considerable period of time (around 06 months) the best option is, male partner to see a doctor.

Diet Makes a Difference

Healthy diet helps not only to maintain a healthy body but to produce quality sperms. For a well-functioning reproductive system, it is essential to get a diet which contains lots of antioxidant. Therefore, you have to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Healthy diet helps to improve sexual performance too.

Balancing Weights and Workouts

For men with excess body fat, fertility risk is there. Excess weight directly affects fertility. Reason is excess body weight reduces hormone development causing the reduction of sperm count.

Sperm and Stress

In our day to day life all of us have various stressed things. This stress straight away affects to your overall well-being and sperm quality. Specially, the emotional and psychological stress reduces the sexual performance and testosterone production. The normal scenario is when pregnancy gets delayed you become more and more stressed. Infertility related stress is worst among all. It disturbs not only reduce sperm quality but affects badly to your family relationships also. In this kind of situation the best thing you have to do is go for counseling.

Sperm-Friendly Lifestyle Changes

There are many environmental factors affect for sperm production and sperm quality. The main factor is smoking. Tobacco is a major health risk in every aspect. Smoking causes to reduce the sperm count and sperm mobility. Other than that, if you are addicted to drugs like cocaine and marijuana it also causes to reduce the sperm development. Other one is medication. If you take some medications for a longer period of time it will reduce your sperm development.


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