How to get pregnant faster…

Being pregnant is the most important thing in woman’s life. In these days you may be eagerly waiting to become pregnant. If you need to be pregnant soon you should concentrate on everything what you do. If you follow below things you will be able to make your dream come true in near future.

  • Good knowledge on your periods

Having a good knowledge regarding when your egg is released is a very crucial thing to be pregnant. In order to get pregnant one healthy sperm should go into the egg.

Using an ovulation calendar will be very helpful for you to understand your fertile days. Further, you can buy some ovulation kits from the pharmacy and you can test your fertile days through those ovulation kits. But, if you have irregular periods best thing to do is meet and discuss with a doctor.

  • Get busy at right time

Once you get to know when your egg is released you will be able to decide when to have sex with your partner. Your egg survives in your body around 24 hours. But, sperms can live in your body around 05 – 06 days. That means, if you have sex on Monday those sperm can survive in the fallopian tube till Thursday.

If you don’t have a good understanding regarding your fertile days, best thing is to have sex every other day. It ensures the healthy sperm availability in your fallopian tube.

Another tip – If you both haven’t had sex in recent past your partner has to ejaculate at least once before doing sex in the most fertile days. The reason is, absent of having sex for some time cause to build up dead sperm in semen. Those dead sperms are not strong enough to make you pregnant.

  • Lie down on the job

Most of us don’t know that, lying down on the bed horizontally without standing up soon after having sex will help sperm to reach a fertile egg. Standing up soon after sex may leak sperm out.

  • Enjoy the process

Most people become stressful when the pregnancy doesn’t happen soon. Stress badly affects to the hormone level and it will change your menstrual cycle. Then the egg will not be released on your planned date. Stress and pregnancy has a very high co relation. If you are under stressed it definitely affects to your fertility. Hence, enjoying the process will help to become pregnant soon.

  • Set the stage for super sperm

Healthy, strong and plentiful sperms can make you pregnant soon. Therefore, male partner also has to concentrate on below things to maintain quality sperms.

  • Reduce alcohol usage – Studies have proved that testosterone level and sperm count is less of those who use alcohol every day.
  • Eat more nutritious food - zinc, folic acid, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D can create strong sperms.
  • Avoid hot bath – Sometimes, heat may kill sperms.
  • Reduce smoking.


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