Fight Stinking Morning Breath Naturally

How do you feel when you have to wake up with unpleasant smell in your mouth? No one likes to wake up with a bad smell. Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath is definitely an uncomfortable and unpleasant social problem. The main reason for morning breath is, decreasing in saliva during the cause of the night. This creates an environment for bacteria to flourish. It may affect your self-confidence also. In this kind of situations you may try to avoid social interactions and stay alone. Luckily, get rid of bad breath is easier than you think. So, don’t kick off your day due to bad breath. Follow these natural remedies to tame your stinking morning breath.

All the people who have bad breath are not aware that they have bad breath problem. People’s odd reactions when you open your mouth and start talking are one way to understand that you have bad breath. But, there are some measures to confirm it.

  • The most recommended and scientific way is to use a bad breath meter which measures the quantity of sulfides in your breath. Sulfides are the cause of bad breath.
  • Another way to measure it at home is, take a piece of gauze and wipe it on your tongue. If it comes out with yellow color and with a bad smell it is an indicator that your body contains high level of sulfides.
  • Lick the back of your hand and smell it after 10mins. If the smell exists even after 10mins that means sulfur salts remains and that smells.
  • Floss your teeth at the back and smell.

How to get rid of bad breath?

  • Practice good oral hygiene

Clean your mouth well is a super simple and easiest way to tame bad breath. Brush and floss your teeth well at least for 2mins and scrape your tongue well before go to bed at night. Wash your mouth thoroughly and gargle to remove any remaining food particles. Better to gargle with a mouth wash because mouth wash can reach to the areas where your tooth brush cannot.

  • Visit your dentist regularly

Regular dental visits are very important to maintain a good oral hygiene. Not only for treating bad breath, if you are having any other dental issues, your dentist can discover them in these visits.

  • Use natural breath fresheners and mouth washes

Lemon rinds, cloves, mint leaves and cardamom seeds are natural mouth fresheners. Chewing these things will increase the production of saliva and tackle the odor. Using baking soda is another good way to beat bad breath. What you have to do is simply dip your tooth brush into baking soda and use it to brush your teeth. Or else, you can mix baking soda with water and use it as a mouth wash. Further, replace your tooth brush after 3 months and every time after you are sick.

  • Stay hydrated at night

As mentioned earlier, decreasing production of saliva at night is the main cause for bad breath. Hence, stay hydrated is utmost important to keep those saliva glands working properly. So, getting your minimum recommended quantity of water is very vital. Drink water before you go to bed and sip some water if you get up at night.

  • Chew sugarless gum

Xylitol, the sweetener used in many sugar free gum products can decrease bacteria which causes bad breath. Not only that, chewing a gum after 20 mins having a meal will increase the saliva flow in your mouth.

  • Consume a healthy, balance diet

Food has a significant impact on your breath. Onions, garlic and spicy foods are close friends of bad breath. Further, any food that gives strong smell can cause bad breath. If you choose to eat these strong smelling foods at night, make sure to clean your mouth well. Eating whole grain foods, fruits, orange, dark green vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and fish can increase the saliva flow. So, they help to beat bad breath.

  • Don’t skip breakfast

Saliva in mouth plays a major role in fighting with bad breath. Eating increases saliva production. So, have your breakfast early and get an early start to fight against bad breath.

  • Stop tobacco & Alcohol

Tobacco dries out your mouth and tends to rise the temperature of your mouth. Both tobacco and alcohol contributes to increase bad breath by allowing bacteria to flourish well.

  • Consider your medications

Sometimes the medications given to you for diabetics, high blood pressure, allergies and depression can dry out your mouth and create a bad breath. If this is the case for your bad breath, talk to your doctor. Drinking extra water is a good method in this kind of situations.


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