Soft & Moist Semolina / Rava Cake Recipe…

Semolina cake, also called as Rava/Suji Cake is a very easy cake that anyone can make at home. This soft, moist and spongy cake is an absolute treat.

Ingredients:Cake Batter

  • All-purpose Flour – 80g
  • Eggs – 04
  • Salt
  • Vanilla – ½ tsp
  • Sugar – 100g
  • Semolina / Rava – 300g
  • Baking Powder – 02 tsps
  • Oil – 100ml (Any Oil)
  • Milk – 60ml

Ingredients:Sugar Syrup

  • Sugar – 125g
  • Water – 350ml
  • Lemon Juice – Few drops


  • Beat eggs, sugar, salt and vanilla together. Beat this around 07-08 mins until all are well combined.
  • Mix semolina with baking powder and flour.
  • Add this semolina mixture to the beaten eggs.
  • Add oil and milk.
  • Transfer the cake batter into a baking pan and bake the cake around 30-40mins under 180°C in a pre-heated oven.
  • For the sugar syrup, heat sugar and water until sugar dissolves.
  • Add few lemon drips in to this. This helps sugar syrup not to get crystalized soon.
  • When the cake is baked, pour the sugar syrup all over the cake. Let the cake absorb all sugar syrup.
  • When all the sugar syrup is absorbed by the cake remove it from the baking tray and cut into pieces.
Semolina Cake / Rava Cake / Suji Cake
Semolina Cake / Rava Cake / Suji Cake
Semolina Cake / Rava Cake / Suji Cake


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