Colorful Jelly Layers

This recipe is a very tasty and colorful one. That is Colorful Jelly Layers. Making this dessert is very simple. But it consumes lots of time.

Ingredients: To make jelly

  • Jelly Packets – 04 (From 04 colors)
  • Gelatin – 04 tsps
  • Hot water – 06 cups
  • Ingredients: To make condensed milk

  • Gelatin – 02 tbsps
  • Luke warm water – 01 cup
  • Condensed Milk – 390g
  • Method

    • Put one packet of jelly to a bowl and add 01 tsp of gelatin and ½ cup of hot water to that. Mix it well until jelly dissolves.
    • Likewise make all jelly packets.
    • Keep them aside to cool down.
    • Mix 02 tbsps of gelatin with 01 cup of Luke warm water.
    • Mix this gelatin with condensed milk.
    • Now start making layers. Pour a layer of milk to the bottom of the pan.
    • Let this set in the freezer for 15mins.
    • Then add a layer of strawberry jelly. Let it set for 15 mins.
    • Do same to all colors until all jelly is over.
    • Once you are done with making layers, let this dessert set completely in the fridge.
    • Tip: use a measurement cup to make same size layers.
    Jelly Layers
    Jelly Layers
    Jelly Layers
    Jelly Layers


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