Dried Grape Butter Cake

Most of us know how to make a normal butter cake. How about making a butter cake in a bit different way, with a different taste?


  • All-purpose flour – 250g
  • Dried grapes – 100g
  • Sugar – 250g
  • Margarine – 250g
  • Eggs – 04
  • Milk – ¼ cup
  • Baking powder – 02 tsp
  • Vanilla – 01 tsp


  • As the first step combine baking powder with flour and keep aside.
  • In a bowl, beat sugar and margarine until it becomes super soft and creamy.
  • Add eggs one by one and beat again.
  • Next step is to add flour. Instead adding all flour at once add little by little and beat. This way you can easily mix flour with the margarine mixture.
  • Add milk and vanilla.
  • Finally add dried grapes and mix.
  • You can add some more dried grapes to the top of the cake to make the look nice.
  • Bake the cake around 35-40mins at 180° C in a pre-heated oven.
  • Remove the cake from the pan and let it cool down.
  • Cut into pieces and enjoy.
  • Your family will surely love this dried grape butter cake taste.
Dried Grape Butter Cake
Dried Grape Butter Cake

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