Homemade Cream Cheese

We all know that Cream Cheese is very expensive if we buy them from a shop. But, we can very easily make Cream Cheese at home.


  • Full Cream Fresh Milk – 1L
  • Salt – 1 ½ tsp
  • Lime Juice – 4 tbsp
  • Method

    • Heat milk over medium heat. When heating milk make sure to stir it continuously.
    • When milk is bubbling, we need to reduce the flame and add lime juice. When lime juice is added milk gets curdled.
    • After that add salt.
    • Then drain excess water from these milk curds. For that we need to get a muslin cloth. If you are unable to find a muslin cloth get a very soft cloth.
    • Pour milk into the cloth and squeeze out to remove water.
    • Next grind these curdles until it gets a creamy texture. For this you can use an electric beater too.
    • You can use this homemade cream cheese to make many more recipes or have it with bread / biscuits.
    Homemade Cream Cheese
    Homemade Cream Cheese
    Homemade Cream Cheese

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