Broken Glass Jelly Pudding

Broken Glass Jelly Pudding is a mouthwatering impressive looking dessert. Add this dessert to your Christmas table to make it more colorful.


  • Jelly Packets – 100g packets from 04 colors
  • Gelatin – 15g
  • Condensed Milk – 390g
  • Vanilla – 01tsp
  • Water


  • First step is to make four colours of jelly separately. For this recipe we need jelly to be thicker than we normally eat. So, make jelly by putting less amount of water than mentioned in the packet. Also, for this dessert you can take any number of flavors as you like.
  • After making jelly refrigerate them until well set.
  • In a small bowl, sprinkle gelatin on water. Whisk it with a folk and keep around 7-8 mins until gelatin absorbs water.
  • Then heat condensed milk in a medium heat while stirring continuously.
  • When milk starts bubbling add vanilla, mix it well and then get the pan out of the stove.
  • On a double boiler mix gelatin until well dissolve with water.
  • Add gelatin to the condensed milk. Mix it very well and le it cools down completely.
  • Cut prepared jelly into pieces. Put all jelly into one bowl and mix the colors.
  • Get your pudding bowl and pour little bit of milk to the bottom. After that put some jelly. Again, put some milk and then jelly. Repeat this until all prepared jelly and milk over.
  • Keep this pudding in the fridge until well set. When the pudding is ready you can cut it in to any shape and serve.
Broken Glass Jelly Pudding
Close up view of Broken Glass Jelly Pudding
Broken Glass Jelly Pudding
Vertical view of Broken Glass Jelly Pudding
Broken Glass Jelly Pudding
Top view of Broken Glass Jelly Pudding


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