Kesel Muwa Baduma

Kesel Muwa Baduma is another delicious recipe that we can make from Banana Blossoms. This recipe is super simple and take less time to prepare. When this is stored in an air-tight container it can be kept around 03 to 04 weeks and eat.


  • Banana Blossom – 01
  • Chili Pieces – 03 tbsp
  • Curry Leaves
  • Sliced Big Onion – 02
  • Dried Chilies – 04
  • Dried Sprats (After Cleaning) – 90g
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Oil for deep frying


  • First have a bowl of water ready mixed with salt.
  • Clean the banana blossom and then chop it into fine thin pieces. There are few different ways of cutting a banana blossom. You can use any method as far as the pieces are thin and fine.
  • Immediately put the parts you chop into salt water to avoid any discoloration.
  • Once you are done chopping wash this with salt water, squeeze any excess water and transfer chopped banana blossom into another bowl.
  • Heat oil in a deep pan and fry banana blossom under medium heat until they become golden brown and crisp.
  • Once you are done with frying all banana blossoms transfer them onto a tissue to remove any excess oil.
  • Repeat the same process for sliced onions.
  • When frying curry leaves don’t fry them a lot. Frying less than 10 seconds is more than enough. It needs to quickly get them out to ensure there is no discoloration and the flavor of curry leaves remain intact.
  • Cut dried chilies into fine pieces and fry them too.
  • Clean and wash dried sprats very well and fry. Instead of dried sprats you can use maldives fish too.
  • Heat oil in another big pan and add chili pieces into it. After adding chili pieces reduce the flame to low.
  • Add salt, sugar, and fried dried sprats. Combine all together and turn off the flame.
  • Add fried banana blossoms, onions and curry leaves and dried chilies into this and combine thoroughly.
  • After mixing all together check whether salt and sugar are enough as per your taste. If not, you can add more.
  • Once this cools down completely it can be put into a glass bottle. Make sure your glass bottle is well cleaned and dried up before putting this.
  • You can keep this around 03-04 weeks and enjoy….
Kesel Muwa Baduma
Kesel Muwa Baduma
Kesel Muwa Baduma
Kesel Muwa Baduma


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