Aluwa Recipe

Aluwa is another delicious Avurudhu sweet that gets more attention in New Year table. Aluwa is a traditional Sri Lankan sweet that made with rice flour. Follow these steps correctly and decorate your Avurudhu table with this tasty sweet.


  • Rice Flour - 500g
  • Sugar - 300g
  • Milk
  • Cashew / Peanuts
  • Ground Cardamom
  • Water - 01 cup
  • Salt as per taste


  • For Aluwa it is better to make rice flour at home. We showed how to make rice flour at home when making Kokis. Click here to view that video.
  • Roast the rice flour under medium heat until it becomes like tiny sand.
  • Sift flour.
  • Grind cardamom and chop cashew into small pieces.
  • Boil the sugar and water. Add salt and mix.
  • Let this sugar melt under medium heat. It takes around 10-12mins for this to come to a proper level.
  • Get small amount from this syrup to a spoon and pour it down. If it is pouring down like a thick line this sugar syrup is ready.
  • Switch off the flame and get half a cup of this syrup and keep it aside. This can be used later when adding flour.
  • Add cardamom and cashew to the remaining syrup and mix.
  • Add milk and mix.
  • Add rice flour little by little to the syrup and mix well. Here don’t add all rice flour at once and reserve some flour for the coating.
  • After adding flour if this is too much harden, add more syrup and mix. The reserved syrup can be used for this.
  • When this becomes a soft dough, spread this on a prepared board/tray.
  • Level the dough by spreading rice flour on it.
  • Then cut this into desired shapes.
  • When storing this, apply little bit of rice flour on the bottom side of Aluwa. Then it won’t stick to each other.
  • Let this cool down and serve.
  • Keep in mind to follow above steps quickly since this dough gets harden very quickly.


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