Vomiting During Pregnancy

Vomiting is very common during the first trimester in your pregnancy. Some women may not get heavy vomiting. But, some women may experience very heavy vomiting making impossible for them to attend their day to today works properly. However, vomiting happens early in the morning or morning sickness is a very common difficulty during pregnancy.

In the first trimester of pregnancy an embryo is more sensitive to external pressures. In the process of vomiting it limits the food intake of a woman and limits the intake of unnecessary things in to the body. There is a myth that because of this vomiting embryo will be more protected. So, it can be called this vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy is a natural protection to your embryo. It has been found that the embryo is healthier of women who have vomiting in early stages of pregnancy than the women who don’t have vomiting.

For some women vomiting is very critical. Vomiting lasting whole day, difficulty in having foods, vomiting mix with bloods can be considered as very critical situations. If you have this kind of critical symptoms the best thing is to meet your gynecologist.

You can follow some methods to reduce this vomiting. Bathing as soon as you wake up is one method. For some women it can increase vomiting when they engage with cooking activities or when they get smell of foods. Further, you should not take hot tea or coffee in this period and healthier to eat yoghurt and jelly.

Some women tend to eat lots of foods when they get pregnant. You can have vomiting because of this reason also. Instead of having lots of foods at a time, the best thing you can do is eat small quantities of foods frequently. Having known about these facts well will help you to have a healthier child birth.

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